Latest updates: Dec 3, 2022

Rising Civilizations

Rising Civilization 3rd anniversary celebration start

About this game

Version code
Android 4.4 and up
Download Size
331.66 MB
4.2 / 68.87K+ reviews
Original name
Rising Civilizations
Released on
Aug 10, 2020
Content rating
Teen, Violence, Blood, Sexual Content, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases
Updated on
Dec 3, 2022
In-app files
What's new
1. New function - Artifact Refine.
2. New Resource - Leyline Crystal and New Resource Building - Leyline Crystal Mine
3. New Research - Deep Excavation
4. Goddess Encore event
5. Season 15 Codex, Kingdom League, and Sacred Gears
[Fixed and Optimization]
1. Fixed the issue that the Equipment Chest can be used when the Bag is full.
2. Optimized the Rule display of Server-Cross Turmoil Prairie
3. Multiple event items will be converted into resources after the event now
3rd Anniversary Celebration coming! Pet System is online!
Thank you for your love and support to Rising Civilization, we are here ready to have our 3rd Anniversary! To show our appreciation, we have prepared a lot of events and rewards for you! And! The new Pet system is coming! Over 100 types of SS Rank beasts are waiting for you to collect!

Come on, the new war is started, control the beasts, conquer the world!


[Hunt and Collect]
Explore the unknown world, take your weapon, walk into the frosted land, and start your hunting! Track the wilds, collect resources, make your own fortune, and enjoy the new exciting gameplay!

[Get acquainted allies, make a new legend]
Alliance with other players, crush your enemies together! Aim to be the legendary hunter! Get to the top of the Ranking!

[Use your strategy]
To become the king of this world, you have to use your strategy well. When facing the enemy, each of your commands will affect the result of the battle.

[For the honor]
The war is coming! You need to protect your kingdom now! Face the armies from different regions and try to conquer them!

[Build your empire]
Choice the city design by yourself! build the empire, collect resources, and conquer other cities. Marching on the world map and write your history!

※Free to play.
※In-game purchase
※Balence the game and life
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