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천하를 탐하다

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Simulation of masterpieces

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Aug 30, 2022
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Aug 30, 2022
Updated on August 30, 2022
천하를 탐하다 : 리마스터 APK version 3.1.48 requires Android 4.1 and up, API level 16 or higher.
■ If you go back to the Three Kingdoms era, do you have the courage to be called a hero?
In the last years of the East Han period, when the flames of war are not ending in [Coveting the World], the scoundrels from all over the world are scattered like stars in the central land, so only a true hero can rule in this three kingdom turmoil.
Here are the most realistic war scenes. Three hundred masters of the Three Kingdoms await your dispatch, and the combination of weapons and tactics has infinite possibilities. You can rule the territory with all your might to advance the construction of internal affairs, and you can use all your resources to colonize the territory.
Here is the most vivid world of the Three Kingdoms. Conquest season restores the rich Three Kingdoms battlefield, and the Three Kingdoms heroes exude unexpected charm. Seasons The weather changes very quickly, and the mountain and stream topography is dangerous one after another.
From a castle lord with only a small territory to a conquered hogal, battle brains with players from all over the world, and only the wise can win the final victory!
Come on, let's go to [Looking for the World] and create the history of the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms that belongs to us!

〓〓〓 Game Features 〓〓〓

▶ Graphics/Updates
Fully 3D modeling! Realistic season x terrain x weather!
The screen is completely upgraded according to the graphic technology innovation, so you can immersely experience the change of nature and reproduce the ancient battlefield as it is. Art restores the natural landscape of reality and provides a richer visual experience through seasonal changes, weather changes, and 3D terrain.

▶ No VIP Only strategy!
Fair War! Conspiracy Battle!
Fierce brain battles, equal fair play. All resources must be secured with your own wisdom, demonstrating outstanding operational skills. There is no VIP system to break the balance of battle, and success depends on the difference in plot.

▶ A unique scenario season appeared!
Create the Three Kingdoms exclusive to you!
Take the army and subdue the Demon King Dong Zhuo! Break through the rash and compete for wisdom with the sky! Show yourself together with the heroes of history on this stage of unlimited possibilities. There are many different scenarios here, and whether you want to relive history or create a new legend, it's all up to you!

▶ Build your own estate!
War is the way to become a holy man after making a holy land!
In addition to dispatching operations, you should also pay attention to tattoo training. Use the power of tattoos to rule internal affairs and make your territory stronger! Excellent management talent is the path to an all-round monarch!

◎Official website: https://www.infiniteborders.kr/
◎Official Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/1000tam
◎Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/stzb163
◎Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1000tam

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■ Required Privileges ■
1. Permission is required to write a file to an external storage device. (Required)

2. Permissions are required for in-game voice chat (optional)

3. Permission is required to read device status. (Select)

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