Latest updates: Apr 18, 2020

Drive Simulator 2020

Run your own construction and transport company in a large detailed environment

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Android 6.0 and up
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92.08 MB
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Drive Simulator 2020
Released on
Apr 18, 2020
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Apr 18, 2020
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ver 1.0
Run your own construction and transport company. Buy, build, transport and expand your business in a large detailed environment.

Drive Simulator 2020 is packed with a variety of objectives ranging from construction jobs to transport and recovery. Purchase and drive a range of different sized vehicles, construct small and large buildings, bridges, roads and other cool structures. Operate big cranes and machines, deliver cargo from small to big sizes and recover broken down vehicles.

Choose between five different modes to complete easy and complex jobs, get rewarded and grow your vehicle fleet size. You can also roam freely and explore the large detailed city in any of your vehicles. Remember to abide by the rules and traffic lights and pull up at any one of the fuel stations around the city to refuel if when you're running low.

- Run your own company
- 7 modes to choose from
- Large detailed environment
- Day/Night system
- Variety of trucks, trailers and construction vehicles
- Vehicle customisation
- Interior view for every vehicle
- Vehicle fuel system
- Operate big cranes
- Dynamic Ai traffic and traffic lights system
- Four different control options
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