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DreamApp — dream analyzer

DreamApp — dream analyzer
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Help & support in learning the meaning behind your dreams. Lucid interpretation

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DreamApp — dream analyzer
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Aug 12, 2020
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Oct 21, 2022
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Personalized dream interpretations | Explore dream symbols | Find mental clarity

So, what do those strange dreams really mean? With personalised interpretations and expert guidance, get to know your dreams and yourself at a deeper level with DreamApp.

Grounded in tradition and backed by science, we delve into your dreams so you can understand your subconscious mind. DreamApp is a companion who will listen in a friendly manner, give advice and connect the dots between your dreams and your life.

Discovering the hidden meanings of your dreams is just the beginning. Do you struggle to feel confident in your decisions? Is it difficult to find peace for yourself and your life? Your dreams may be telling you how to take on your biggest challenges. Become one with your thoughts and make a step towards overcoming anxiety, gaining mental clarity and releasing your past. Here's how we do it…

Personalised interpretations
Tell us about your dreams and finally uncover what it's all about. DreamApp analyzes your description through a machine learning algorithm to find keys and interpret symbols using context and unconscious relationships.

Get guidance
Add direction to your waking life by delving into what your dreams mean. By looking to your subconscious mind, you have a direct link to the most powerful truths about yourself and your life. Acting on your dreams could be the first step to making the improvements that you've been searching for.

Unique symbol library
Explore dream symbols to uncover what events in your dreams may mean. Developed by our dream experts and rooted in the deep tradition of dream interpretation, find the possible meaning and direction for you to improve your life.

Cutting edge technology
We combine AI technology with the rich tradition of dream interpretation to give you instant insight into the meanings behind your dreams.

Chat to an expert
Clarify the details of your dream with an expert. Connect with a coach in a live, private 1-on-1 interactive session in the app.

Get to know yourself
We are not a dream dictionary and we're not like talking to a therapist. We help you fall in love with a reflection of yourself. We're here to listen, give advice and help you connect the dots between your dreams and waking life.

Completely private
Dreams are a precious part of our deeper consciousness, and we take the utmost care to keep your dreams totally private.

It's time to align your dreams and waking life. Get personalized interpretations, find direction and start sleeping and living better with DreamApp
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