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Galactic Squad: Arcade Shooter
4.4 11.15K+
Shoot alien troops, save the galaxy in arcade space shooting classic game

Galactic Squad APK Game: Details and Download

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Android 5.1 and up
11.15K+ downloads
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67.05 MB
4.4 / 73+ reviews
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Galactic Squad: Arcade Shooter
Released on
Nov 10, 2023
Content rating
Everyone, Mild Fantasy Violence, In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)
Updated on
Nov 17, 2023
Get ready for the thrill with "Galactic Squad: Arcade Shooter," a new arcade shooting game where you control the awesome spaceships and troops to defeat the invading aliens and save the galaxy. Your mission? Survive through all relentless battle, non-stop upgrading to blast those evil aliens off the galaxy!


1. Classic Arcade Shoot 'Em Up Games:
Simple yet addictive. Shooting lasers, missiles, and powerful blasts. Dodge asteroids and have epic fights in top-down view.

2. Non-stop Upgrade:
Grab power-ups floating in space, each will give you 3 random choices of power. Choose them wisely and strategically.

3. Multiple Planets To Conquer:
The galaxy is divided into different areas, each with its own challenges and big boss battles. Beat them to unlock new places, from dazzling nebulas to tricky asteroid belts.

4. Old Style, New Storyline:
Decode the mysteries of the cosmos, confront powerful alien overlords, and unite the galaxy against a common foe.

Are you ready to become the savior of the galaxy and face the ultimate challenge among the stars? Download "Galactic Squad: Arcade Shooter", and face the fate of the cosmos that rests within your hands.
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