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Birdwatching Community
Birda: Birdwatching Community
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Get out, get active, get healthy & start birdwatching! Find, ID, Log, Compete

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Birda: Birdwatching Community
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Sep 17, 2022
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Nov 23, 2022
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- new photos feed
- unidentified sightings feed
- see which species you can see at a location by month
- show species photos by default
- year ticks!
- perf boosts
With Birda, anyone can get outside, identify and record the birds they see, and share them with a fun and inclusive community. Grow your nature knowledge. Help save our environment. Find a flock of friends.

Birda connects the global community of birders irrespective of how they already record their sightings! Simply sync or import your records from eBird, iNaturalist, Birdtrack, Birdlasser and more to get started.

Have fun while using your smartphone as a powerful tool to help conservationists protect a myriad of bird species. Here's how it works:
1. Jump on the app.
2. Head out, heads up.
3. Log your bird sightings - one at a time or multiple sightings as part of a birding session.

- Find birding locations and the bird species that occur there
- Use the field guide to identify what you have seen
- Get species suggestions from the Birda community
- Unlock achievement badges
- Take part in local and international challenges
- Build up your life lists, by time and location
- See what friends, family, or other users have spotted
- Log sightings and sessions even when you're offline
- Choose from multiple taxonomies (IOC, Clements and Birdlife HBW)

If you are coming from another platform, then there is no better way to get started than to import your records to Birda. We currently support imports from eBird, Birdtrack and Birdlasser with support for iNaturalist and more coming soon. If you want to move your records to another platform, you are free to export all of your sightings from Birda.

Birda automatically creates life lists of all the birds you've imported or recorded on Birda. Birda automatically generates sub-level lists based on time and geographic location. For example, you can see all your ticks for the last month or year as well as your ticks for your home and patch lists. We'll also start automatically generating life lists for regions, countries, states/provinces and nature reserves in the near future.

You can choose to create a 400m privacy zone around your address to automatically hide the location of any sightings you post in your garden. This privacy feature prevents you from inadvertently disclosing your home address to the public when logging sightings around your home. Setup your home location and Birda will also automatically create Home Lists and Patch lists for all the sightings you post within your Home List and Patch List boundaries.

You have control over what you share with others on Birda. Through your Location Privacy Settings, you can control who sees the exact location of the sightings you post on Birda. If you hide exact locations, Birda shows a vague sighting area and no location pins.

Through Audience Privacy Settings, you also control who sees the content you post on Birda. Choose your audience for each sighting or session, or change the default audience privacy in your profile settings.

Birda welcomes anyone curious about nature, no matter your level of knowledge or previous experience. At Birda, we believe that the natural world belongs to us all. We want as many people as possible to enjoy it, so they are inspired to fight to protect it. Download Birda and start birdwatching today. A flock of friends is waiting for you.

We understand that taxonomy can be complicated! This is especially true when people are trying to compare species across taxonomic authorities and where a global community is using common names in multiple languages. It is for this reason that we built a cutting-edge solution to simplify taxonomy for our users. Our taxonomic engine makes taxonomy seamless for the user, allowing them to view each other's sightings in their taxonomy of choice, irrespective of what taxonomy is being used by other users
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