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CorvetteDNA Plus Corvette Info

The most accurate Corvette info & price guide: every year, option, color, qty

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CorvetteDNA Plus Corvette Info
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Dec 7, 2013
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Jun 26, 2022
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Corvette Enthusiasts can use this Smartphone Application to look up Years, Models, Options, and RPO Codes to determine the Build, Rarity, Collectability and Present Value of Chevrolet Corvette from 1953-Present by selecting the condition, the mileage and checking off options. So download if you have Corvette DNA.

This is a must have for anyone buying, selling, restoring, or researching a corvette. More than a book or a website – it is an active, ever-changing database of corvette knowledge. Use this App to decode build sheets, determine production quantities, and research original costs while you learn about model specifications. Enjoy reading special commentary provided for each year and noteworthy options.

The current value numbers listed within the CorvetteDNA application surrounding specific corvette Models and Options are provided to empower our viewers with guideline information to evaluate corvette. When it comes right down to it, the deciding factor that will determine the final selling amount of any Corvette is essentially what someone is willing to pay for it. No one can truly account for the emotional appeal or the personal significance that Corvettes are sometimes measured by. Because of these unpredictable variables, CorvetteDNA neither certifies nor guarantees these values. Consider these values as reasonable estimates you may use to begin a negotiation or make an assessment of a Corvette you intend to buy, sell, restore, or insure.

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CorvetteDNA Plus is an upgrade of the CorvetteDNA Free app. When you build and price your car you may save it and all its options and valuations. You can save any 3 cars and they will be available from the opening screen.

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