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Scary baby in Yellow house 3D
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Play a horror babysitting game in creepy environment, Escape evil baby games

Scary baby in Yellow house 3D APK Game: Details and Download

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Android 4.4 and up
74.43K+ downloads
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42.48 MB
2.4 / 146+ reviews
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Original name
Scary baby in Yellow house 3D
Released on
Apr 25, 2023
Content rating
Teen, Violence, Blood
Updated on
Dec 05, 2023
Welcome to scary baby in yellow house 3D game. In this game, You become a baby-sitter of an evil baby for five nights at haunted house. Do you like to be a babysitter? but this job will be way more terrifying than your previous jobs.
In this super scary baby-girl simulator, You have to complete tasks like feeding the baby, changing his diapers and placing him on baby crib but you notices that some time the baby disappears and found on any random location in the house. This game is way different from games like, Who's your, Scary baby, daddy simulation, mother simulation, pink baby, horror baby games.
In this babysitter simulator, you play as a granny nanny in a yellow house filled with virtual nightmares. You'll be tested with various magic tricks and situations as you try to control this unruly child. If you're a fan of spooky games and solving puzzles to escape rooms, you'll enjoy this yellow rag-doll horror game. This formerly cute doll has become evil and is now out to attack everyone who comes near her. You'll become more obsessed and closer to the haunted house as you venture through the eerie rooms. As a nanny, your job is to look after the child until her parents return. However, you'll soon realize that you've walked into a horrible nightmare in an evil granny home. You'll need to run for your life to avoid being caught by the scary ragdoll, otherwise, you'll be faced with endless nightmares. This game offers a unique and terrifying experience that's unlike any other scary ragdoll, robber, or horror boss game. Be careful not to make any noise or you'll risk attracting the attention of the scary evil baby. If you're up for the challenge, try to become the greatest survivor in this horror house as you face the walking dead ghost in the pink horror house. Let's see how long will you stay in control...

Key Features of Scary Baby in Yellow House :

1- Play through 2 chapters of the strangest babysitting job.
2- Enjoy horrifying game sounds.
3- Run for save life & play hide & seek with evil baby.
4- Realistic environment
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