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Receive violations

Receive violations
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Receive car violations, negative scores and view license plates of all vehicles

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Receive violations
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Jun 30, 2017
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Aug 21, 2022
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some google play policies issued have been fixed
License plate finder + car and motorcycle violations and car troubleshooting and negative score and search for driving violation code and reminder to replace and repair car parts such as (timing belt; engine oil, and several other titles) easily and only in one application.
With this app, you can easily troubleshoot your car and set the date of replacement of car parts to remind you based on the date when to replace parts or accessories of the car. You can also enter the desired number of car specifications. You can also save driver details such as national number and license number and get a negative score for all of them for car violation and motorcycle violation.
License plate finder application for all cities and provinces. You can Bluetooth this app for free for your friends. With this app, you will be able to enter the license plate number of the province, city and county with the desired license plate. Just enter the license plate number so that the list of areas containing that license plate appears.
Search for license plates based on provincial license plates

Search for license plates by province name
Simultaneous search
Save car parts replacement reminders
Save car and driver details
Search and find the car defect in the troubleshooting section
Very beautiful appearance
Recent changes as well as booking plates
Answer in time
Find the shortest route and travel routes
Violation codes with the latest penalty rates
Negative scores of violations
Getting car violation
Getting an motorcycle violation
Receive and pay tolls
Get a negative certificate score
Determining the distance between two cities
New updates on the way ...
We have tried to include all the provinces and display the changed codes along with the changes. However, if there is a problem, contact us via email so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible
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