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Beauty/age defining ai coach guides you through the exercises in daily routine.

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Nov 15, 2023
Face Yoga is a revolutionary facial exercise training system that provides a natural, non-invasive way to sculpt your face muscles. Anti-aging and cosmetic treatments are costly, and often involve chemicals or surgery that can be invasive. Moreover, they do not provide lasting results. Face Yoga, on the other hand, uses your own face as it is own personal trainer to achieve real, lasting results.

Do facial exercises work? Of course! Learn how to wake up sleeping muscles in the face to lift up your skin and relax overworking muscles for wrinkle reduction.

Meet your anti-aging Face Yoga instructor.
- Celebrity trainer whose clients include Kim Kardashian & family
- Voted #1 popular yoga Instructor at The Yoga Expo Los Angeles 2019
- Yes, she is only 40 years young!

Born and grew up in Japan, Koko Has practiced Facial Yoga method for over a decade, has been certified to instruct in Japan, and started teaching online and in Los Angeles since 2018. Now her clients include Hollywood celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, and media appearances include "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", “Shark Tank”, "Good Morning America", "Vogue", etc. Koko Face yoga has been a brand partner with Alo Yoga, Microsoft (LinkedIN) and Olay,

What are the differences from other Koko's online videos?
- AI (artificial intelligence) features to guide you to do the exercises correctly* (Incorrect practices can be skin damaging.)
- Quick, easy exercises without her talking
- Practice on the go! You can use your fingers to support the facial movements, but not necessarily, so you can practice while holding your phone.
Access all the Facial Yoga exercises with a monthly, or annual subscription. FREE for a limited number of Facial Exercises.

There are approximately (30) core face exercise training exercises with video instructions. Depending on the exercise, our AI technology guides you to move your facial muscles correctly.

Warmup: Cheek Vibration
Face Posture® Basics
How to Speak
How to eat (Lift Up Chewing System)
Anti-Double Chin (Neck workout)
Upper Neck Toning (How to tighten neck skin)
Entire Neck Toning (How to get rid of neck lines)
Outer Cheek Lift Up (How to slim down face)
Middle Cheek Lift Up
Inner Cheek Lift Up
Mouth Corner Lift Up with Tongue
Mouth Corner Lift Up
Smile Line Eraser (Tiny Circles)
Laugh LIne Eraser (Half Circles)
Nasolabial Line Ironing
Smile Line Massage
Anti-Bulldog Face (Improved facial definition, how to get rid of cheek fat)
Anti-Jowls (How to slim your face)
Eyebag Eraser Lower Eyelid Lift Up
Outer Eye Corner Lift Up
Crow’s Feet Eraser
Eye Wrinkle Eraser
Eyebrow Lift Up
Upper Eyelid Lift Up
No More Reading Glasses
Forehead Freezer (No More Botox!)
11th Frown Line Eraser
Wink for Symmetrical Eyes
Anti-Bulldog Face for Symmetrical Cheeks

In addition to face yoga method exercises, you will learn how to keep
Good face posture®
Good tongue posture®

*By activating weak muscles and relaxing overworked muscles in the face, it will be easier to keep your face in good face posture®!

Cancel anytime by visiting the settings in the app. If you cancel 24hours before the billing cycle date, you will not be charged. If you cancel during the month period for which you have already paid (up to 24 hours before the next period starts), your subscription will continue until the end of that period.

Free (with limited content)

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Yearly Subscription Option
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