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Card Fall

Card Fall
4.3 152.03K+
A dungeon crawler with addictive puzzle mechanics.

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Android 4.4 and up
152.03K+ downloads
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11.85 MB
4.3 / 1.85K+ reviews
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Original name
Card Fall
Released on
Jul 15, 2020
Content rating
Everyone 10+, Fantasy Violence, In-Game Purchases
Updated on
Sep 20, 2022
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Card Fall is a mix of puzzle game and roguelite. The player explores dungeons filled with monsters, traps, potions and treasures by making strategic decisions about moving and attacking different cards. The dungeons are randomly generated and constantly change thus always providing an interesting puzzle to solve.

The game field consists of dungeon cards that fall on a character, and of character cards that can be used to fight back. If the monster card falls on a character it deals damage but if the weapon card falls down it is added to a character deck. There are also a lot of other card types with unique properties and abilities.

The game lasts until the character dies but the ability to upgrade characters and cards makes each new run easier. There are a lot of unique dungeons, characters and cards to unlock and all the unlocks can be made with high scores.

Explore magical dungeons, discover ancient treasures and free the trapped heroes in the world of Card Fall!

Game features:
- The game is offline (no internet connection required)
- Unique game mechanics
- High replayability
- Runs smoothly even on the older phones
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