Friday, June 10, 2022

Dungeon Cards

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16.72 MB
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4.3 / 32.02K reviews
Android 4.4 and up
Updated on
June 10, 2022

Simple fast-paced card crawler with roguelike elements and addictive gameplay

Publishing format: Android App Bundle
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Released on
Feb 11, 2018
Content rating
Everyone 10+
Updated on
Jun 10, 2022
Updated on June 10, 2022
Dungeon Cards APK version 1.0.237 requires Android 4.4 and up, API level 19 or higher.
Dungeon Cards is an exciting mix of puzzle, card game, and a classical roguelike. Each movement of your card creates a unique and challenging situation, a mini-puzzle which requires strategic thinking to solve.

In this card roguelike, you move your character card about a field of nine cards. You have to clash your card with neighboring cards to move it. Monster cards and trap cards will decrease your card's health, healing cards will... well, heal you, cards with gold will increase your game score and there are also many other cards with unique abilities and behaviors.

The game is built with a classical roguelike formula: it is a turn-based dungeon crawler in a fantasy setting with selectable characters, procedurally generated dungeons, pixel art graphics, and the permadeath.

Choose one of the ten heroes, descend into the magical dungeon and slay hordes of monsters in quest of epic loot!

Game features:
- no Internet connection required
- engaging game mechanics
- 3-15 minute game sessions
- easy one-hand control
- runs smoothly even on the older phones
- easy to learn, hard to master
- cute pixel art graphics