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Backrooms Creature Horror Game

Backrooms Creature Horror Game
Backrooms Level 0.1
3.6 10.72K+
Hide & seek the scary backrooms horror game in this backrooms levels home escape

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Backrooms Level 0.1
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Android 4.4W and up
10.72K+ downloads
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3.6 / 61+ reviews
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Backrooms Creature Horror Game
Released on
May 22, 2022
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May 22, 2022
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backrooms creatures is a horror game where you will be chased by a Scary backrooms creatures. Oh, they adore playing hide-and-seek. Surely, it is not an ordinary hide-and-seek fun – but a tough survival experience.

backrooms levels always find a new victim to play their hide and seek game of survival neighborhood. Your escape will not be easy because backrooms game are very experienced hunters.

Your escape starts in the old's backrooms found footage house, in a small dark and creepy horror neighborhood room. In order to escape the spooky backrooms levels, you will have to build weapons and play hide and seek. Beware of backrooms creatures.

If you love horror neighborhood games, hide-and-seek, puzzles, and hidden object challenges, you cannot miss out the backrooms game!

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fan made game mod for fun, I'm not affiliated with the game developers in any way
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