Space Crew apk
Space Crew apk

Space Crew

Latest Version by GameDev WSR

Journey to the solar system on a spaceship.
Sailing through space with crew!

Space Crew

Update now and enter your coupon! (Ver 1.4.0 or later)
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■ Collect sailors who will sail through space with the enthusiastic captain Terry.

■ Become an excellent navigator by training skills for space navigation, such as steering, engineering and shooting.

■ Upgrade your ships and cabins to advance into the wider universe.

■ From Earth to Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. Explore the real planets and satellites of the solar system.

■ progress information of the game is stored on the device first. Store your data securely online with Cloud Save.

[Access Rights Guide]
▶ Required Access Rights
Storage space
-Required for 'save game progress information'

[Reset and Revoke Access]
Android 6.0 or later
-Settings> Applications> Select app> Permissions> Choose to agree or revoke access
Android 6.0 and below
-You can revoke the access right by operating system upgrade or delete the app
(Operating systems under Android 6.0 do not provide individual consent in app.)

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