Sunday, September 4, 2022


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Android 4.4 and up
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September 4, 2022

Survive the swarming enemies!

Publishing format: Android App Bundle
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May 23, 2022
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Updated on
Sep 4, 2022
Updated on September 4, 2022
DarkSurvival APK version 1.2.2 requires Android 4.4 and up, API level 19 or higher.
hello. This is Liberty Dust.
1.2.2 update has been carried out.

update history

- Added Portuguese
- Added new map [Falled Angel]
- New items
- Max level expansion 40 >>> 80
- Balance patch
- Other bug fixes

Please check through the community for details.
We will make the dark survival even more interesting.
thank you
This is the game development duo [Livery Dust]!

It's a game where the fat knight that looks like that kills monsters that appear in the dark.
Level up while killing monsters, choose a variety of skills and survive for as long as possible!

ah! You hate fat knights?
Don't worry!! In addition to the fat knight, a variety of unique friends are waiting for you!!

It's a popular snake paper game these days.
A game that is deeper and simpler than any other game!
A game that focuses on the original fun of the game!!
Dark Survival!!

on the subway,
Whether in the bathroom or in a boring classroom!
A game to play with you!!
It's Dark Survival.