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Space Voyager: Idle Tycoon
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Fly your ship as far into space as possible, discovering different planets

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Space Voyager: Idle Tycoon
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Sep 10, 2022
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Nov 17, 2023
Space Voyager: Idle Tycoon is a simple but very addictive game that aims to fly your spaceship as far into space as possible, discovering on the way different planets, stars, galaxies.

Key features:
Absence of pop-up ads.
Large selection of spaceships. (3 at this stage, 15 more to come)
Huge number of planets and galaxies which are at a real distance from each other
Daily reward
Achievement System

The spaceship flies itself. You need to shoot down meteorites with a click. After opening a planet, you can develop it up to level 100. The higher the level, the more gold the planet will bring. The farther the planet, the higher the reward for its development.

The speed of the ship determines the reward for meteorite explosions. More speed means more reward. Increase the speed by upgrading your ship.

The game is divided into a large number of planetary systems, each planetary system has many different planets and comets.

At the moment there are 3 spaceships represented. There are plans to release 15 more models. The more expensive the ship, the higher the speed, better armor, and automatic shots.

You will receive gold for every meteorite you shoot down. Higher speed means more gold. Once a planet or star is discovered
can begin to mine gold there. The further away the planet or star you discover, the bigger the reward will be.

The game also has a daily reward. You can get gold for watching commercials. The longer you play, the higher the reward will be for watching ads.

Ranking Table
There are several ranking tables. Each planetary system has its own rating. At the start, there will only be a Solar System Rating. The farther and faster you fly, the higher you will be in the ranking.
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