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Muskets of America

Muskets of America
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Welcome to the 18th century, the Age of Napoleon and fight for independence!

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Android 4.1 and up
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Muskets of America
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Apr 19, 2018
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Teen, Violence, Blood
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Dec 16, 2019
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Your Excellency, Commander! Welcome to the 18th century, the Age of Napoleon.
Dark times, when Napoleon tries to conquer the whole Europe. Also the age when war of colonies, British and American colonists is happening.
Welcome to the brand new American war for independence game, which will immerse you in these battles!
Play as American colonist and repel British attacks!
British army assaulted your country, now is time to assault back!
Feel massive battles on your device like never before!
Create your own battles!
Newly added custom battle mode! (sandbox mission editor), where you can play battle for both - british and american soldiers!
4 unit types -
-General, has skills to line up all soldiers and force fire all line, costs 50 gold
-Recruit, very weak soldier, which miss almost every shot, costs 40 gold
-Trained soldier, something in between recruit and elite soldier, costs 60 gold
-Elite soldier, never miss, has 100% hit chance, costs 80 gold
-Artillery support
Shoots 3 cannonballs into middle of the screen, costs 100 gold
20 different levels, including tents cannons and massive battles!
War across America and fight for independence

From creators of Trenches of Europe, Badass survival, Knights of Europe games!

Never forget to experiment with new tactics! In the end, unpredictability could be the best tactic!
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