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사장님 필수앱
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October 6, 2022
캐시노트 apk

Boss essential app, cache note! Card sales deposit schedule, regular customer analysis, word-of-mouth monitoring, tax invoices, etc.

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May 13, 2019
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Oct 6, 2022
Updated on October 6, 2022
캐시노트 - 사장님 필수앱 APK version 2.2240.120 requires Android 6.0 and up, API level 23 or higher.
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[Business management service for the president, Cash Note]

Cash Note can be easily accessed through the mobile app and KakaoTalk. You can also receive various notification information required for our store management through KakaoTalk.

● Our store's sales and cost status at a glance

- When and how much will be deposited? You can easily check card sales and deposit information on a calendar.

-You can also see the details of your tax invoice and cash receipt at a glance.

-Cashnote manages daily whether my store sales are being deposited normally, or whether there are any omissions or suspensions.

● Customer, delivery app order and review management at once

- What is the proportion of regular customers in our store? We inform you of new customers, returning customers, and unit price every week.

-You can check and manage various delivery app sales, settlement, and customer reviews at once.

● Financial benefits favorable to the boss

- We will provide information on business loans, cards, and substantial insurance where you can get more benefits.

-You can check the store credit score that reflects the business situation of our store for free.

-If you subscribe to the quick settlement service, you can receive today's delivery sales immediately tomorrow.

A community that shares communication and sympathy

-Share information and concerns in a community where only 'real bosses' gather.

-Cashnote will take care of the necessary support policies and helpful content for your business.

●Necessary goods are easy and convenient in the market

-You can quickly buy the items you need in the store in the Cash Note app.

- We have prepared a variety of high-quality products at reasonable prices for you.

[Service used by 1.1 million bosses nationwide, use it with confidence]

Cash Note is a safe service chosen by 1.1 million presidents nationwide (as of July 2022). In recognition of its technological prowess, it has attracted investments from Kakao, KT, Shinhan Card, KB Kookmin Bank, Samsung Fire & Marine, and GS. We consider security our top priority, and the CEO's valuable information is safely protected with the industry's highest level of security technology. In addition, from the app to the server infrastructure, it is managed by a high-level security management system and provides secure services.

The Cash Note service cannot be used without identity authentication and ID/PW authentication, and only the user can know the password.

The president's personal information and sensitive/sensitive information are encrypted with a secure encryption algorithm. In addition, it is stored in a physical space where the Internet is blocked and unauthorized access is blocked.

To prevent accidents such as hacking, we operate an information protection system such as an intrusion prevention system and anomaly detection system, and have a security monitoring system at all times.

We do not provide your information to third parties for marketing purposes or use it for other purposes without your consent.

In addition, Korea Credit Data, which operates Cashnote, is under the supervision and supervision of the Financial Supervisory Service with the permission of the personal credit information management company (My Data Business), and strictly complies with related laws.

[I will guide you on the necessary access rights when using the app]

Required Permissions:
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Optional permissions:
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Required/selective access permission is not required when using Cash Note.