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maquininha de cartão
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September 15, 2022
Rede apk

Payment by approximation at the card machine. Payment link and more in the app!

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Jul 11, 2018
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Sep 15, 2022
Updated on September 15, 2022
Rede: maquininha de cartão APK version 6.6.0 requires Android 5.0 and up, API level 21 or higher.
Essa versão conta com correções de bugs e melhorias.

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Need help with your questions about sales, receipts and machine support? Count on the support of our specialists through personalized service. Access the sales tab, click the help button and talk to us via chat!

In the Rede app you can follow your debit, credit, voucher sales (meal and food benefits card), your receipts and future receipts, in more detail! Check out everything that has fallen into your account and what you will still receive ;)

Being a Rede customer is having a card machine with secure solutions to sell online through the unlimited payment link and with the security and technology essential for your business. Download the app, request a card machine offer and join the Itaú Solutions Network!

Find out more:

Made for every business
Choose the ideal solution to accept credit card, debit card, voucher sales, Pix and sell in installments with various payment solutions.

Card machine sales anticipation
You can anticipate payments for sales made at the card machine and receive on the same day.*

sales cancellation
Take control of your business. You can cancel sales of the machine whenever you need to.

payment link
You can sell online in a practical and safe way. Generate a payment link through the app and share it with your customer without needing the card machine or website.

With the Pix with QR Code on the card machine, Itaú customers can receive payments and the amount drops into the account in up to 10s.

sales simulator
Simulate sales on debit, cash credit, installment plans and interest-bearing credit.

Sales and receipts report
Customized reports with comparative charts and filters by period, card brands, or modality (debit card, credit card, voucher sales, etc.) of sales made by the card machine. See even future receipts. Make your sales management easier!

Fee inquiry
Consult the rates of sales made on the debit card, credit card and other modalities in the machine. They help you in reconciling your bank statement.

Request for signaling kit and coil
Control your stock of materials to receive payments without any problems. Request signage kit and caps for the card machine at any time in the app.

Direct help in the App
We offer direct support with experts through chat for everything you need about sales, receipts or support for your machine.

Rede, the card machine that accepts pix, payment link to sell online, digital wallets, payment by approximation, more than 45 credit card and debit card brands, voucher sales, and which also has advance sales, sales, sales cancellation, sales report and receipts (received and receivable) for the sales management of your business. Who has Network, has everything!

*In case of request for advance sales, it is necessary to advance payments until 14:00 to receive on the same day. After this time, you will receive payment the next day.
**See conditions