The referee Jalad apk
The referee Jalad apk

The referee Jalad

Latest Version by Maysalward

Hakem Jalad now is alive more than ever!

The referee Jalad is alive now more than ever!

Referee Jallad is one of the most well-known childhood games in the MENA region. A simple and fun game for four players. Each player chooses one of the four papers folded, Governor, Inspector, Thief and the Executioner. The Governor says:? Where? S the Inspector ??, the Inspector should reply:? Me.?, And the Governor replies:? Find your Thief and the Executioner.?. The Inspector should guess the Thief and the Executioner the other two players, if the Inspector s how right, the Governor orders the Executioner to hit the Thief with a certain the number of hits using the ruler, otherwise the Inspector will have the hits instead. Have fun awakening your inner child! How many times do you think you? Ll survive the Executioners? hits ?!

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