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VFS Global launches Mobile App for Italy visa applicants.

About this app

VFS Global launches Mobile App for Italy visa applicants

•tGet detailed information on preparing the application and submitting it.
•tCheck out the additional services offered at different VFS centres
•tAccess travel information and get information on various tourist destinations in Italy
•tAvailable to residents of India and Nepal

To further enhance the ease and comfort offered to travellers from India and Nepal to Italy, VFS Global, in association with the Embassy of Italy, has launched a Mobile App named ‘Italy Global’ offering visa categories and information, appointment bookings to submit the application at the nearest Visa Application Centre, and application tracking once it has been submitted.

VFS Global has been offering Italy visa services in India since 2004, and currently operates 17 Visa Application Centres on behalf of the Embassy of Italy across India. In Nepal, VFS Global offers Italy visa services through its centre in Kathmandu.

VFS Global has enjoyed a long association with Italy, providing visa services for Italy since 2004, with 85 centres operational across 35 countries.

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