POV – Disposable Camera Events
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POV – Disposable Camera Events

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For weddings, parties & events

About this app

POV helps you capture the point of view of everyone at your event.

Like a digital disposable camera –– cap the number of photos that each of your guests can take and have the photos reveal the next day!

Guests can scan a code or tap on a link and don't have to download this app to participate.

The camera is completely customizable –– you determine how many photos each of your guests can take.

The gallery can reveal during the event or you can make people wait until the next day. Great for everyone to relive the next day.

You can design the screens to look and feel exactly how you want it. Stickers, text, backgrounds + more design tools at your fingertips.

Purchase a QR code or some NFC tags so that friends can easily find your event.

Questions or ideas? Send us all your feedback. We're happy to help!

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