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Japanese Writer

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Learn kana and kanji through play!

About this app

Are you learning Japanese, but struggling to master the writing system? Do you wish there was a fun way to confidently memorise stroke orders? Now there is!

Characters fall from the top of the screen. Can you write them before they hit the bottom?

Japanese Writer is a great new way to master writing Japanese characters, including hiragana, katakana, and more than 2,000 Kanji from JLPT levels 5 up to 1.

It has a built-in spaced repetition algorithm which keeps track of how well you're doing with each character. Those you're making mistakes with will appear more often during play!

It's also a great character reference. Look up any character by romanisation or by typing Japanese—you'll hear all its pronunciations and see the correct stroke order too.

All JLPT level 5 characters are free to play, and there's a fairly priced subscription option for those ready to take their learning further.

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