Tavern Legend
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Tavern Legend

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  • James Halliday

Tavern Legend is a game where you run a tavern with many beautiful women

About this game

"Tavern Legend" is a strategy management game set in a medieval maritime world. Players operate their own tavern on an isolated island, with all workers and heroes portrayed as beautiful women, adding a unique charm to the game.

In "Tavern Legend" the goal is to accumulate wealth through savvy tavern management. As wealth increases, players have the opportunity to form a fleet of beautiful women, set sail to explore the unknown world, battle pirates and monsters, and even conquer the entire world.

Combining elements of strategy management and role-playing, players need to cultivate and upgrade their heroes while managing the tavern to face various challenges and adventures. In this game world full of surprises and challenges, every decision can change your fate.

"Tavern Legend" with its unique setting, rich gameplay, and beautiful art style, provides players with a fun and challenging gaming experience.

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