Crazy Farm - Animal School

Crazy Farm - Animal School

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Be prepared to meet the animals of the craziest and funniest farm.

About this game

Would you like to know the craziest farm and have fun and learn with its animals?

Have fun taking care of the animals, playing the drums and the piano, throwing tomatoes, planting vegetables, or running and avoiding obstacles, amongst many other games which you’ll find in the Crazy Farm.

In Crazy Farm you’ll have fun with the 20 games you’ll find all around the farm, the shed, the kitchen garden or the farming field.

Besides, every time you complete a game you’ll win a coin to unlock new games or buy stickers for you album of farm animals.


- Do you like horses? They’re very beautiful, but they love to wallow in the mud, so you’ll have to clean them.
- In this farm there are many flies and you must kill them all in a funny math game.
- The farmer has a fish which is always hungry, so you’ll have to feed it.
- Learn the body parts with the farmer, he’ll be happy to help.
- Complete up to 10 puzzle jigsaws with different images choosing the number of pieces.
- Recognize the sound of each instrument.
- Do you want to learn to play the piano?
- Our cow loves playing the drums and now it’s your turn to play.
- Do you have a good memory? Show it with this memory game of farm animals.
- Focus to play tic-tac-toe.
- Amazing! A cow driving a motorbike! Help her catch the coins and avoid the obstacles.
- Find your way out of this maze.
- Attention! You must take pictures of the animals before they hide.
- Help us to find the list of the animals missing.
- Help the sheep to jump in time or the farmer will wake up in this “Jumping Game”.
- Learn how to plant vegetables step by step.
- The moles want to eat your apples and you must stop them.
- Regroup the fruits and vegetables in groups of 3 in this classical arcade game.
- Aim well and throw tomatoes in this funny shooter game.
- Sort the objects grouping them by families.


- Funny interactive, educational games for children from 3 to 8 years old.
- All the activities contain explanations and visual support.
- Motivates learning through a rewards’ system with stickers.
- Encourages learning while playing.
- Contains curricular activities and funny ability games.
- Animations of animals and elements.
- App approved and supervised by specialists.
- The games unlock permanently.
- Parental control.
- Totally free of charge.

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