Fruit Hexa Sort

Fruit Hexa Sort

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  • Six Pawns Studio

Slice your way to fruit-filled victory!

About this game

Game Features:

Fruitful Puzzles: Experience a variety of engaging puzzles that revolve around sorting and matching fruits. Every level presents a new set of fruity conundrums to conquer.

Slice and Dice: Master the art of slicing by skillfully dividing fruits to create perfect matches. Your knife skills will be put to the test.

Colorful Variety: Encounter an array of fruits, each with its own distinctive colors and flavors. From juicy watermelons to zesty lemons, the fruity options are endless.

Intuitive Gameplay: Enjoy an easy-to-navigate interface that makes slicing and sorting a breeze. Just swipe, cut, and watch the fruits fall into place.

Progressive Challenge: Start with straightforward levels and gradually tackle more complex puzzles as your skills evolve. There's always a new twist to keep you engaged.

Achievements and Rewards: Collect achievements for your outstanding performances and unlock delightful rewards to enhance your gaming experience.

Compete with Friends: Connect with friends and fellow fruit enthusiasts to see who can complete levels with the most finesse and speed.

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