Spin Wheel - Random Roulette
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Spin Wheel - Random Roulette

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Spin Wheel - Random Roulette app random lucky picker, make final decision

About this app

🤔 Having trouble deciding something? Let us help you decide in a fun way!

🎡 Spin Wheel - Random Roulette app spins the wheel of fortune to give random results

📌 If you don't know what to eat, which number to choose, who to choose? Download Spin Wheel - Random Roulette now and spin

Spin Wheel - Random Roulette app features:
⭐ Random number generator, name wheel, food wheel
⭐ Create and customize your own spin
⭐ Random and fair results
⭐ Easy to play
⭐ Pick with your finger
⭐ Ranking and matching

🔸 Make decisions quickly
You just open the app and spin to make fair decisions in a random way.

🔸 Finger Picker
Place your finger on the screen, each chooer is marked with its own color. In this way, the chooser will be the winner randomly.

🔸 Ranking
Helps users arrange random rankings, still placing the picker's finger on the screen. The app will give you a random ranking.

🔸 Matching
Convenient for random arrangements, whether for team formation, project assignment, or any other situation that requires randomness.

🔸 Customize on Wheel
You can customize your picks on wheel

🤝 Thank you for downloading Spin Wheel - Random Roulette!

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