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A comprehensive health tracking app

About this app

Luyao is a comprehensive health tracking app designed to help you effortlessly manage your personal health information. With Luyao, you can enjoy the following features:

1. Medication Tracking: Easily keep track of your medication intake, ensuring timely doses and adherence to prescriptions.

2. Medical Checkup Records: Conveniently record your medical checkup results, including reports, diagnoses, and recommendations.

3. Vital Signs Monitoring: Monitor crucial vital signs such as height, weight, body temperature, blood glucose levels, heart rate, and blood pressure, empowering you to stay in control of your health.

4. Vaccination History: Keep a record of your vaccination history as well as that of your family members, ensuring timely vaccinations and access to vaccination records.

5. Transgender Medication and Hormone Tracking: Tailored specifically for transgender individuals, track medication intake and hormone changes to better manage your health.

6. Mood Tracking: Record changes in your mood, helping you understand patterns and trends in your emotional well-being.

7. Women's Health: Women users can track menstrual cycles and related symptoms, providing insights into and better management of women's health.

8. Disease Treatment Progress: Track and record the treatment progress of your diseases, allowing you to monitor and manage your journey towards recovery.

9. Dental Health Tracking: Monitor and record your dental health, including dental checkups, oral hygiene routines, and dental treatment history.

10. Offline Data Storage: All data is securely stored offline on your device, with no involvement of servers, ensuring the utmost privacy protection.

11. Continuous Development: We are continuously developing new features to meet your personalized needs and enhance your user experience.

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