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Mandarin Chinese etymology and mnemonics.

About this app

Chinese Deciphered is a quick reference for understanding Chinese characters and words.

The app uniquely deconstructs Chinese characters and words down to their simplest components, providing a clear link between each component, with memory aids provided for every word and character.

The app includes:
★ Chinese character etymology – character history shown by tracing each character's origin, development and relationships.
★ Character mnemonics – character learning memory aids.
★ Word and character decomposition – words and characters are dissected down to their simplest components.
★ Simplified and traditional Chinese – familiarity with traditional Chinese is essential for proper understanding of simplified characters.
★ Ancient forms of characters – this helps in following the original thinking.
★ Chinese history and culture, where this relates to understanding words and characters.
★ Stroke order – the correct way to write each character.
★ Phonetic inheritance – how characters inherit their sounds from their components.

The app:
★ Is unique – it is the result of more than seven years of ongoing research.
★ Is concise, yet comprehensive – it is designed as a quick reference tool.
★ Is continuously updated and improved.
★ Works offline.

The free version:
★ Contains 933 entries, including all of the HSK level 1 vocabulary (HSK v2.0 and v3.0, simplified and traditional Chinese).

The premium version:
★ Currently contains 6819 entries, with more words and characters added on a continual basis.
★ Includes extensive additional information.
★ Proceeds from the upgrade fund our ongoing research on Chinese etymology.

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