Ragdoll 2: In The Multiverse

Ragdoll 2: In The Multiverse

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Ragdoll 2: In the multiverse is a physics-based fighting game

About this game

Ragdoll 2: In the Multiverse explodes into a chaotic carnival of combat!
Welcome to a rip-roaring rumble across realities, where ragdoll warriors from countless dimensions clash in an epic battle royale! Ragdoll 2: In the Multiverse throws you into a physics-playground pandemonium, where every bone-crunching collision and hilarious ragdoll tumble is part of the mayhem.
Twist and contort your way to victory with an absurd arsenal of weapons and gadgets. Launch yourself from cannons, grapple onto chandeliers, and unleash devastating combos that'll send your opponents flying through portals to who-knows-where!

But watch out, buckaroo! Every world brings fresh pandemonium. Navigate gravity-defying arenas in neon-drenched metropolises, plummet through bottomless pits in alien wastelands, and even square off against reality-bending tricksters who'll warp the very fabric of combat!

Here's just a taste of the Multiverse madness:

A motley crew of combatants: Brawl with iconic heroes, outlandish parodies, and even your own custom creations!
A physics playground paradise: Swing, fling, and catapult your way through levels that defy the laws of nature (and good taste).
Weaponized wackiness: From bazookas to banana peels, unleash an arsenal of absurd implements to leave your opponents in stitches (or just stitches).
Multiplayer mayhem: Brawl solo or team up with comrades in outrageous online and local battles.
Customization chaos: Craft your ultimate ragdoll warrior with skins, hats, and more!
Ragdoll 2: In the Multiverse isn't just a game, it's a front-row seat to the craziest, most hilarious brawl the multiverse has ever seen. So buckle up, buttercup, and get ready to ragdoll your way to the top!

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