Al Quran Sharif for Muslim

Al Quran Sharif for Muslim

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Al Quran Sharif for Muslim and Prayer times and Qibla Holy Quran Majeed

About this app

Al Quran Sharif for Muslim is an app with Quran Recitation, Audio Quran of the Holy Quran. Recite Quran Sharif with genuine feeling in multiple languages. Like an actual Quran in your hand!

Want to better understand the meaning of the Holy Quran?
Muslim looking to deepen understanding of Al Quran Sharif?
👉👉This app is the perfect companion for Muslim looking to stay on top of their religious obligations anytime anywhere.

🟢 Key Feature
• Read & Listen to Holy Quran
• Best quality of Al Quran audio.
• Different multiple languages
• Add or delete bookmarks
• Light and dark mode
• Unique and user-friendly interface
• 99 names of Allah
• Islamic date

✔️ Quran Recitation
---- Holy Quran comes with a great feature, which is that you do not need to connect to the Internet all the time in order to read a surah quran. Quran Recitation includes Quran Majeed chapters, phonetics and translations by Al Quran Sharif for Muslim - Quran Majeed

✔️ Audio Quran
---- Listen to Audio Quran Pak in high quality and clear. Al Quran Sharif for Muslim help you improve your pronunciation when reading the Quran. Listen to the Quran MP3 Audio while driving, exercising,...