Solitaire: Classic Card Games
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Solitaire: Classic Card Games

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About this game

Solitaire Card Games 2023! Fun & Addicting Classic Klondike Solitaire for you!

Relaxing & Addictive FREE Classic Solitaire Card Games just for you! Enjoy the best free Solitaire or Patience game in the world.

The solitaire card games is a Classic Solitaire experience that trains your brain. Challenge yourself with solitaire card games anywhere, you can play solitaire games free anytime!

Create piles by matching the suit.

How to play Solitaire Card Games:
To play solitaire games free cards onto free card piles. Move aces to the top. Kings can be placed onto Free Columns.
Rearrange cards by sequence and suit. Each card must have a different color than the card above.
If you have a king of spades, place a queen of diamond or queen of hearts on it. Place free solitaire ontop of each other until none are left.

General Rule of Classic Solitaire Card Games:
♠ Move free solitaire cards into piles
♠ Solitaire draw 1 card (easy)
♠ Solitaire draw 3 cards (hard)
♠ Easy to read large cards
♠ Tap or drag to move card
♠ Free unlimited undos
♠ Free unlimited hints
♠ Mobile optimized animations
♠ Online solitaire or offline solitaire, no wifi
♠ Automatically save best time to complete a round of solitaire and other personal records
♠ Auto Complete your card game when all the cards in the solitaire tableau have been flipped over!
♠ Solitaire Card Games for adults and seniors

Classic Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience) is one of the most popular solitaire card games for adults in the universe! Relax with Solitaire Free everyday to train your brain!
Klondike solitaire is available on android Phone, tablet or TV!
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Download the #1 classic solitaire card games!

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Solitaire: Classic Card Games Solitaire: Classic Card Games Solitaire: Classic Card Games Solitaire: Classic Card Games Solitaire: Classic Card Games

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