Jump King

Jump King

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Continuously jump to get a higher score!

About this game

JumpKing is a fun causal game, which needs you continuously jump from a platform to the next. You can challenge yourself by jumping and creating the new height records in the Endless mode. You also can gather props to unlock new characters within the required time in the Level mode. What JumpKing only needs is using a finger to control the character's movement to gather items and keep breaking the height records!

In the Endless mode, you need to be careful of the enemies suddenly appear, the thorns growing on the platform, and the most important part:Don't fall down the platform!Making good use of items and carefully avoiding enemies to create records one after another!

The Level mode will be suitable for you, if you want to improve strength. You need to gather valuable props and character pieces within the required time. Gathering enough pieces to exchange the new powerful characters, which will bring you a big help for your adventure!

JumpKing is not only a jump-game, but also gives a platform where you can challenge and exceed yourself. If you like the challenge, join us and start your adventure!

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