Mastery Fisherman - Simulation

Mastery Fisherman - Simulation

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Play a spare time cleaning task idle tycoon game!

About this game

Welcome to a world where you can enjoy the bounties of the sea! In ‘Mastery Fisherman’, you can build your own seafood empire!

The first step is to catch fish from the sea. Put the fish into the machine, process them, and pack them up! Serve fresh and delicious seafood to your customers. After your customers enjoy their meals at the tables, don’t forget to clean up.

We also offer drive-thru service, so make sure to handle those orders efficiently. Earn money and use it to hire more employees and expand your restaurant. Aim to become the number one seafood restaurant in the United States!
In ‘Mastery Fisherman’, develop your fish shop and become the king of the sea!

Simple and fun idle gameplay
Realistic simulation of fish processing and packing
Satisfy a variety of customers with drive-thru service
Management simulation to expand your restaurant and hire more employees
Beautiful graphics and charming characters
Download now and succeed in the seafood business!

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