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Chinese dictionary with multimedia cards - learn to read, write, and more!

About this app

Chinese dictionary with multimedia cards - learn to read, write, and more!
 Learn Chinese with trainchinese! Free dictionary, thousands of word lists, examples, audio, measure words, animation writing hieroglyphs, and an effective system of memorizing words on flash cards, including training function letters!

★ We have developed their own vocabulary and word retrieval system, which gives preference to the words that you really want to learn!

★ You can see the search results already in the process of collection of words. If you make a mistake in writing, you are prompted options.

★ Find the measure word for thousands of nouns. Clicks a measure word to see full details or to carry out additional searches.

★ Search on the parts of speech! Add, such as "noun." at your request, to give preference to the noun.

★ trainchinese great for learning! Our words are organized in more than 1000 vocabulary lists and cover topics ranging from the simplest everyday dialogues to international relations. You think something is still missing? Users can always contact us and ask for a list of words on a topic that interests them personally. We will be happy to help!

★ select words for quick access to animations, additional searches and more!

★ No matter whether you are teaching Simplified (mainland China and Singapore) or Traditional Chinese characters (Hong Kong and Taiwan), trainchinese help you in your studies! Easily switch between the two modes characters or choose the display mode of both types at once.

★ Create flash cards with audio and animations directly from the dictionary. Put them in a list, and share lists with your friends (or students).

★ System recurrence intervals allow you to firmly remember the words.

★ Learn as much as you want: each card is available for study in four modes that test your knowledge with the various parties. Find out how well you grasp the meaning of a word by using the drive mode, or select the letter and compare features in the order of your characters with our animations!

★ Flash cards are saved on the device and periodically synchronized with, where you will also be able to examine them and find lots of other useful information.

★ Add study notes to your flash cards!

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