Honkai Impact 3-Part 2
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Honkai Impact 3-Part 2

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HoYoverse Sci-fi Action Game

About this game

[S-rank Battlesuit | Deepspace Anchor: First Light]
New S-rank SD-type battlesuit Deepspace Anchor: First Light debuts! She deals Lightning DMG, and wields the new weapon type Drive Core to fight on the ground and in the air, unleashing various Thunderous Strikes.

[A-rank Battlesuit | Valkyrie Boltstorm]
New A-rank MECH-type battlesuit Valkyrie Boltstorm debuts! As a support battlesuit dealing Lightning DMG, she uses the new weapon type Rapid-Shot Crossbow to rapidly shoot enemies.

[A-rank Battlesuit | Valkyrie Blastmetal]
New A-rank PSY-type battlesuit Valkyrie Blastmetal debuts! She deals Fire DMG, uses a new weapon type Rocket Hammer, inflicts Vulnerability on enemies and provides buffs to teammates.

[AstralOp | Songque]
New AstralOp Songque debuts! You are guaranteed to get AstralOp Songque in 60 AstralOp Supply drops.

[AstralOp | Dreamseeker]
New AstralOp Dreamseeker debuts! Reach Lv. 30 to unlock it.

[New Story Chapter | Hundred Years of Solitary Shadow]
Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2 main story released! Play the main story and complete missions to get Valkyrie Blastmetal Character Card, new rocket hammer weapon, 4-star event stigma, Crystals and more!

[Featured Event | A Feast Sought in Data]
Featured event A Feast Sought in Data begins! Play the event to get Disciplinary Perdition's outfit Butterfly Dreams, Valkyrie Boltstorm Fragments, Valkyrie Blastmetal Fragments, Crystals and more!

[Anniversary Bonuses | 7th Anniversary Celebration]
Play the anniversary login event to get the recommended stigma set (level maxed) for Valkyrie Blastmetal, Equipment Supply Card x10 and 3-star anniversary stigma Senadina: Departure (B)!
Complete anniversary event missions to get 3 Feast Giftboxes, which grant a lot of materials and SP Battlesuit Fragments!

[Featured Event | Spring Fireworks Show]
Celebration Lobby opens. The festive stage-clearing co-op mode is available. Play various events to get Crystals and more!

[Bonuses Event | Source Research List]
Log in and play events to get a total of Source Prism x21. You can also purchase a total of Source Prism x21 in event shop Research Supply Division!

[Bonuses Event | This Is a Fresh New Journey]
Log in for 7 days to get S-rank Battlesuit Option 2024 x1, Battlesuit Supply Card x5 and Crystals!

[Anniversary Gift | Spend Bonuses]
Spend Crystals (or same-worth Supply Cards) in Supplies to get Eternal Evening Star. Obtain a specific number of Eternal Evening Stars to exchange for Jade Knight's outfit Midnight Moon. You can also use Eternal Evening Stars to exchange for Disciplinary Perdition Character Card, Disciplinary Perdition Rank-Up Stamps and more!

[More Events]
First Top-up Gets Double Resets and Battlesuit Supply rotation coming soon…

Among the extinguished stars, the flame reignites, and a new adventure begins at this very moment.

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