Toy Rush
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Toy Rush

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Join Toy Rush and master the claw to collect toys in a vibrant arcade adventure

About this game

Step into a whirlwind of fun with Toy Rush, the ultimate toy-collecting experience right on your mobile device! Navigate your way through a vibrant arcade, operating a mechanical claw to grasp colorful toys from a lively machine. Each successful catch not only brings joy but also the thrill of building your toy collection.

Thrilling Gameplay:
Embark on a delightful adventure like no other. As you control the claw, carefully position it over the desired toys and grab them with precision. But stay alert! Alongside charming toys, tricky obstacles challenge your collecting skills. Will you master the machine and become a toy collecting hero?

Collect and Earn:
Every successful grab rewards you with adorable toys and earns you coins. Use these coins to unlock new machines and richer toy collections in various themed arcades. The more you play, the more expansive your toy universe becomes. However, with greater challenges, comes the risk of missing the mark!

Customize and Upgrade:
Invest your coins wisely to enhance your claw and arcade machine. Upgrade the claw to increase its grip strength and capture more toys in one attempt, and customize your machine to attract rarer, more valuable toys. Each upgrade boosts your chances of becoming the ultimate collector.

Dynamic Arcade Environment:
No two visits to the arcade are the same in Toy Rush. Encounter a variety of toy types, each with unique sizes and weights, requiring you to adapt your strategy to secure the best toys. From the bustling noise of the arcade to the colorful displays of toys, the environment is ever-evolving and always exciting.


Intuitive controls designed for mobile gameplay – easy to learn, yet challenging to master.
A vast array of toys to discover and collect.
Obstacles and challenges that increase in difficulty, adding excitement to your collecting journey.
Progressive difficulty as you unlock new machines and rarer toys.
Numerous upgrades for your claw and arcade machine, offering strategic gameplay enhancements.
Bright, engaging graphics and cheerful sound effects that immerse you in the arcade atmosphere.
Regular updates with new toys, features, and challenges to keep your collecting spirit alive.
Prepare to dive into Toy Rush, a game that combines strategic depth with the nostalgic fun of toy collecting. Whether you're looking to relive the excitement of the arcade or aiming to conquer the world of toy collecting, your adventure starts now.

Download now and let the ultimate toy-collecting saga begin!