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Festival de Málaga

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Malaga Festival mobile application

The fundamental objective of the Malaga Festival is the dissemination and promotion of Spanish cinematography and, in general, the audiovisual industry of Spain and Latin America, hosting the meeting of its various professional sectors and promoting its development as well as its international commercialization.

The Malaga Festival enjoys great prestige in the audiovisual sector and a very wide public and media impact that enables it as a fundamental platform for the promotion of cinema 'in Spanish' throughout the Latin American area and, by extension, internationally.

With the official application of the Malaga Festival you will be able to know our programming in detail, you will be able to select those titles that you are interested in seeing, knowing their synopses, as well as the sessions you want to attend and the spaces where you can see them. A very useful tool, therefore, to make the most of a film program that is as broad as it is interesting.

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Festival de Málaga Festival de Málaga Festival de Málaga Festival de Málaga