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Skizz - Lockscreen Drawing

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Skizz - Lockscreen Drawing allow you draw on Lockscreen and share with friends

About this app

🔥 Are you looking for a unique way to connect with your friends and loved ones? Look no further than Lockscreen Drawing - Draw on Lockscreen, the Skizz - Lock Screen Draw app designed to foster creativity, connection, and bonding among friends and couples. With this Skizz - Draw on Lockscreen application, you can draw directly on your lock screen, drawing widget, or in the Lock screen draw app and allowing your friends to see your creations in real-time.

🎨 Lockscreen Drawing - Draw on Lockscreen allows you to share messages with friends and relatives creatively with interesting drawings. Simply connect with your friends and start drawing. When you draw, connected people can see your painting taking shape on lockscreen paint and they can contribute their strokes to the canvas. The Skizz - Lock screen drawing offers many backgrounds and over 100 stickers to fuel your creativity and enhance your drawings, ensuring endless possibilities for imaginative expression. Best of all, Lock screen drawing is completely free – you only need is an internet connection to start drawing and connecting with friends in a uniquely creative way.

🎊Lockscreen Drawing - Draw on Lockscreen offers interesting features:

🪄 Draw on lock screen: Connect with friends or join their drawing rooms to collaboratively create art directly on your lock screen and your friends. Your draw on lock screen will also immediately appear on your friend's lock screen and vice versa.
🪄 Drawing widget: Lock screen draw of you and your friends will also appear on the phone's widget screen so that even when you are using the phone, you can know what your friends are drawing and what messages they are sending to you.
🪄 In-App Drawing: Create captivating artwork within the app itself, using your phone as the canvas. Explore various backgrounds and utilize over 100+ stickers to add flair to your creations, all for free.

🎉 Additionally, Lockscreen Drawing - Draw on Lockscreen offers special features to enhance your experience:

✏️ Backgrounds: You can choose the background from the photos in the gallery on your phone to draw on lock screen. Besides, Skizz - Lock screen drawing also provides 20+ available backgrounds with diverse themes like love, pastels, and watercolors,... you'll always find inspiration for Lock screen draw.
✏️ Stickers: Access a library of over 100+ stickers to embellish your lockscreen paint and convey your message with style and charm, all at no cost.
✏️ Connecting with Friends: Easily connect with friends through QR codes, links, or codes. Surprise them during zoom by covertly joining and delighting them with your creative drawings on their screens.
✏️ Save: Save your completed lockscreen paint for future reference or share them with others, ensuring your Lock screen draw are remembered.

💞 Not just for friends, Skizz - Lock screen drawing is especially suitable for couples in love. You can express your feelings with cute drawings, so that every time the other person turns on the phone, they can see your message and drawing widget for them.

❤️‍🔥 Join the latest trend in social connectivity and express your creativity rightnow. Download Lockscreen drawing - Draw on Lockscreen today and start sharing your drawing, message with friends in a truly unique way! If you like this Lockscreen Drawing - Draw on Lockscreen, please give us a 5 star rating, which is a great motivation for our team to work harder and develop many interesting features in the future. Thank you so much!

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