Art of Conquest: Đại Khí Cầu
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Art of Conquest: Đại Khí Cầu

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Mysterious land with many races, terrains and species!

About this game

[Five races to choose from]
Players can freely switch between 5 main races: Human, Dwarf, Corpse, Rakan and Sylvani depending on their preferences.

[Freely explore the mystical world]
Freely explore Nore, Drake and Sait. Diverse terrain, mythical creatures and interesting events will satisfy your curiosity about this mystical world.

[Arbitrary control during battle]
Freely deploy your army and use your heroic skills in battle to win!

[Two modern and stunning graphic styles]
New Anime style for a new visual experience! Just 1 button to switch between 2 styles. Either one will suit you, whether you like realistic or anime style.

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