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Junk Clean&Virus Scan&Process Management

About this app

💡JunkPal is a reliable tool for Android phones. It not only deeply cleans cache junk on your phone, but also scans and removes viruses.

❓❓❓Have you been using your phone for a while? Is your storage almost full? Do you not know how to deal with the junk on your phone? JunkPal can help you solve the above problems:

Junk cleaning🗑
JunkPal quickly scans and analyzes your phone's storage space, helping you clean junk files and applications, allowing you to release storage space in a timely manner.

Large file cleaning📂
JunkPal can intelligently classify files, making it easy for you to find the files you want. With large file cleaning, you can delete selected files with one click.

App cleaning📱
JunkPal helps release your storage space by deleting large cache files. With our professional app cleaning function, you can also release more space from the cache data of social apps without worrying about deleting important files.

Virus scan🛡
JunkPal can help you scan and remove hidden viruses on your phone, protecting your phone from virus attacks.

✨✨What are you waiting for? Install JunkPal now and clean your phone~~~~

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