AntiTheft: Don't Touch Phone

AntiTheft: Don't Touch Phone

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One tap to keep your phone safe and secure.

About this app

Keep your phone safe and secure with AntiTheft: Don't Touch Phone, a powerful anti-theft and phone security app for Android.

- AntiTheft: A loud alarm sounds or discreet vibration if someone picks up your phone or disconnects the charger.
- Motion detection: sensitive detection and alerts as soon as someone moves your phone.

How to Use this Antitheft App
★ Click Tap To Active the service
★ Place the device anywhere
★ If anyone touches your phone, it will activate the alarm.
★ You will be notified.

Utilizing this application offers a convenient method for securing your phone against theft and intrusion.
With the app's assistance, you can ensure that you never misplace your device.

Download AntiTheft: Don't Touch Phone today and experience enhanced phone security

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