GPS Route Planner: Radar Map
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GPS Route Planner: Radar Map

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Explore & discover with all-in-one GPS Navigation with GPS offline, voice GPS

About this app

GPS Route Planner: Radar Map offers an unique way to map and explore the world. No matter where you are, where you are planning to go or how you are going to make your first step, GPS Navigator and its cool features are reliable.

Drive fast and drive safe
- Route planner: avoid busy traffic, find the quickest & safest route based on live traffic condition
- GPS Navigation: step by step voice navigation, focus yourself on driving directions, find your way with ease
- Radar map: Detect speed camera, alert in advance, help you drive for miles without a fine
- GPS Speedometer: Measure your speed preciously - driving, cycling and walking!

Go local and go beyond
- Offline maps: Do not worry even when you find yourself off-trails without any signal or GPS location, download GPS map to plan your route in advance and for emergency
- Street View: Study your destination with real camera view, with GPS navigation maps you can even choose the satellite map view
- Find fancy places: Go local and go deeper, find local travel recommendations and have fun like never before

Download GPS Navigation App: Location Map & Route Finder now to navi the whole world.

P.S. Should you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us! More navigator app features are already on the road!

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