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Prevent and Treat Metabolic Syndrome with the Foogal App

About this app

Changing the Way America Eats – with the Foogal App, harness the power of real food and nutrition to treat and prevent metabolic syndrome.

America’s Problem with Metabolic Syndrome

Here in America, we have a problem with metabolic syndrome, which is a set of conditions that include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, high levels of triglyceride, and low levels of HDL cholesterol. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), conducted by the CDC, approximately 86 million adults in America have metabolic syndrome.

Having metabolic syndrome can increase your risk of developing metabolic syndrome diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, stroke, and kidney disease.

The Solution – How do we prevent and treat metabolic syndrome

Eat Real Food. Several studies have shown that eating a healthy diet that is high in dietary fiber, low in sugar, and offers an appropriate amount of healthy fats and protein for your body and health can prevent and treat metabolic syndrome.

Food Is Medicine. At Foogal, we’ve taken Food is Medicine to a whole new level. We believe that Some Food is Medicine, but not all. The Foogal App eliminates the food-like substances – ultra-processed foods – which are high in sugar, and low in dietary fiber. Ultra-processed foods are not part of our recipes, so it takes the worry out of recipe selection.

Introducing Foogal – The Health App that Helps You Eat Real Food.

Foogal is a simple, easy-to-use health app designed to help you treat and prevent metabolic syndrome by reducing your sugar intake, increasing your fiber consumption, and helping you make the switch from ultra-processed foods to wholesome, nutrient-rich whole foods.

Foogal is based on the research-backed teachings of our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Lustig, a renowned researcher, pediatric endocrinologist, and author. His work has focused on the role of sugar and fructose in the development of obesity, type-2 diabetes, and other aspects of metabolic health.

Through collaboration with Dr. Lustig, we developed the Metabolic Health Protocol, which is a diet protocol that will help you unlock the power of real food and nutrition to optimize your metabolic health. The Foogal App is the result of this collaboration - a simple, easy-to-use tool that will empower you to reduce your sugar intake, increase fiber consumption, and make the switch to wholesome, nutrient-rich whole foods.

Features and Benefits of the Foogal App

1. Choose from thousands of chef-curated, nutritious, and tasty recipes to optimize your metabolic health. New recipes are added weekly.

2. All the recipes undergo our robust Metabolic Health Protocol, based on Dr. Lustig's science-backed teachings. You can be sure that the meals you are eating are optimized for your metabolic health.

3. The Foogal App allows you to filter for recipes with zero added sugar or recipes with 6% added sugar.

4. Every recipe undergoes comprehensive nutritional analysis. Know the nutrient profile of each dish with a simple tap of a button.

5. Effortlessly plan your meals in advance using the calendar feature, which allows you to conveniently organize your meals according to mealtime, and on a daily or weekly basis.

6. Instantly generate a shopping list based on your planned meals with ease.

7. Get easy-to-follow cooking directions for every meal, and save all of your favorite recipes in one place so you can easily access them anytime you want to.

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