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A movable library full of all types of online novels !

About this game

May I have your attention, please~all novel fans!
FicBooks would be a magic place where you’ll linger for a very long time.
Whether you’re a fan of romance stories or werewolf or revenge, Billionaire CEOs, Bossy bad boys and so on, FicBooks is always ready to satisfy your appetite because we keep a regular updates.
You really shall have a try now!
[Reasons Why Choose Us]
【Vast Genres】
FicBooks contains many web novel genres, from urban books to supernatural books, and is deeply loved by the majority of our readers.
* Fantasy
* Adventure
* Romance Stories
* Urban Romance
* Werewolf
* Billionaire CEOs
* Weekly Featured
* More Unknown parts......
【Key Features】
-Unique Typesetting: comparable to the layout of paper books
-Exquisite UI: user-friendly design to create a visual feast
-Reading Modes Setting: different background colors and flip tricks as well as daylight and night mode
-Auto-Read: Auto-Read mode to unleash your hands during your busy time
-Manage Your Own Library: all the books you ever read will be archived -Various tasks:completing tasks to earn rewards and continue reading
Any suggestions or concerns please contact us :
Email: [email protected]

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