Farm City

Farm City

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This is a standard farm that produces a good harvest every day

About this game

This is a standard farm that produces a good harvest every day: grass, corn, vegetables, fruit, berries. Let the world know that you are the best farmer!
Beside the farm was a happy country; A variety of dishes are prepared here and sold to the city dwellers on the other side of the river. You can improve your farm: gather resources, make good items, build production; Your farm will enjoy prosperity. You can grow beautiful flowers and use them to make bright bouquets. Boats can also be repaired, and happy tourists return to the small city. Keep them happy, and a valuable reward awaits.

- Lambs, pigs, cows, cute kittens and other pets want to build a zoo on your farm. What pet wouldn't think that?
-Grow your own orchard and make pies. Farmers like apple pie and fresh milk.
- You can experience the beauty of rural life, but also feel a real businessman!

A standard farm! Buy the rural urban ticket! Don't be too slow! Grandma May needs your help! It's time to leave the city. What fun life in the country! Lovely farms by the river bank await you! Give up the city, go to the happy countryside, become a farmer! Work the fields and play

Get the help of friends, establish their own sales network, promote the development of the city, to provide residents with a variety of goods. This little city is waiting for its hero, and who knows, maybe you'll be mayor of a rural city!

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