EscapeGame RootlessRoom
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EscapeGame RootlessRoom

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  • Kensuke Horikoshi

Escape from the mysterious world.

About this game

This is a simple escape game.
Let's get out of this world by solving the items and gimmicks scattered in the mysterious world.

EscapeGame RootlessRoom

【service charge】 Free

-Easy to start for first players
-The world of mysterious art and sound.
-Auto-save function
-Hints function.

【How to play】
・Let's tap the part of the screen that interests you.
・Tap the right and left buttons to swipe the window.
・To check the hint from menu window.
・Light up the item. tap the gimmick, then you can use it.

Programing , Sound : Kensuke Horikoshi
Graphic : Taniguchi

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