Earth Defense Heroes
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Earth Defense Heroes

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Defend a post-apocalyptic world from time anomalies, merge warriors, build army!

About this game


Earth is no longer the planet we know – smothered in the Foam of Time, it’s covered in invaders from the planet’s entire history who are waiting to attack. Gather your warriors and battle with them in this fantastic survival strategy game as you rebuild cities and explore the space-time paradox. Play Earth Defense Heroes today to see if you can wipe out the monsters and restore your home planet!


Start the game as part of a team that’s been given the task of restoring Earth – no biggie. Once you land you’ll need to start immediately building up your army and getting them ready for combat, as you’ll need brave warriors to take on all the enemies! Tons of cool features await, such as:

🔥Survival of the Fittest: With the remnants of humanity living on a space station, one of your first orders of business is to build a base, and then defend it from the invaders. From there you can work on building up your army and expanding your territory. The world is your oyster, so now’s your chance to make and build things how you think they should be!

🔥Merge Madness: Bit by bit you’ll recover territory, exposing new land and elements that can be crafted into buildings, weapons, and more through merging. Send your warriors out to both collect these items, but don’t forget to have a few at home in case the enemy breaches your defenses and threatens your outpost. Collect, merge, expand, repeat!

🔥Easy Does It: We get it, saving the world is tiring work. We specifically crafted this delightful merge game so that you could take a breather and relax a bit, even as you battle attacking monster hoards and fight to survive. Fun, punchy graphics combined with great visual and sound effects take the edge off all that stressful combat, don’t you think?

🔥Blast from the Past: As you fight them off, you may notice that many of your enemies share something in common: they too once existed on Earth! Battle armies of dinosaurs, the Knights Templar, and even a few errant tomatoes, plus tons of other great bad guys like zombies and cyborgs will test your ability to survive.


Looking to try your hand at a post-apocalyptic survival game where you’ll attack and be attacked by monsters of every sort as you fight for survival and rebuild your planet, that’s also fun? Earth Defense Heroes is the strategy game for you - carefully craft cities, technology, and more as you and your warriors fight to regain your ancestral land from monsters. Can you survive and save humankind?