Easy Drawing - Trace Sketch

Easy Drawing - Trace Sketch

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Use a camera to draw sketch - create stunning masterpieces!

About this app

Welcome to Easy Drawing - Trace Sketch! where you can turn photos into freehand art!

🎨 With app, you can draw anything you want on any surface -Your ultimate artistic companion.

✨ How to use

1. Choose a sketch from category

2. Locate the phone on a steady tripod or object

3. Create your own stunning masterpieces!

Main features

📷 Camera Sketch: Use your device's camera to infuse real-world elements into your sketches with camera and set opacity. Explore various categories such as Cute, animals, food, vegetable, people and more.

🧪 Advanced Features: Enhance your drawings with advanced options: Flashight - Opacity - Edge Size.

Explore the world of augmented reality art and take your creativity to a new level. Download the app now and start drawing out of your imagination.


😊 We welcome your contributions for continuous improvement and share your feedback with us at: [email protected]. Thank you!

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