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Cannabis Social Network

About this app

Do you feel your passion for cannabis has been suppressed by the major social media apps? SESHBUDDIES is a new cannabis social media platform for enthusiasts to connect digitally, interact directly with brands, and schedule a sesh IRL.

Share cannabis-related content without the fear of being censored, demonetized, shadow-banned, out outright kicked off the platform. At SESHBUDDIES, we’ve curated an online environment where enthusiasts, industry influencers, and brands can come together for the love of cannabis.

SESHBUDDIES works like a traditional social media platform. You can request ‘buddies’ or other accounts to become part of your digital network and share images and videos that will be featured on their feed. The platform also has built-in tools to encourage you to engage with your SESHBUDDIES offline and document, rate, and share the experience.

SHMOKE Seshsion - Invite a buddy to Shmoke without expecting them to bring any product.  

MATCH Seshsion - Ask a buddy to match the product. For example, if you bring a 1-gram blunt to match, your buddy will also bring a blunt with the same amount.  

DROP Seshsion - Request to drop or pitch in. A Drop is beneficial when you are running low on product but willing to contribute to a Seshsion.

SMO Seshions - ‘SMO’ stands for smoke me out. A SMO request is reserved for when you need your buddies the most…at a time when you are dry or out of product. You’ll request a SMO Seshsion with a buddy who will provide the cannabis. SMOs typically come with the expectation of returning the favor at a later date.

All Seshsion are documented on the platform and rated by everyone involved. For example, if you make a Match Seshsion and invite 2 of SESHBUDDIES, you will enter the type of product, strain, amount, time, and location of the sesh. Then, after the sesh has ended, you and your buddies can rate the experience and access the record at a later date.

Have you ever visited a dispensary and wondered, “what strain did I smoke on that camping trip last summer?” or “what kind of edibles did we take when we went to see Avatar in 3D?”

With SESHBUDDIES, you’ll have a detailed record of the sesh at your fingertips!

Grow your network of like-minded enthusiasts without the fear of censorship from big tech by embracing cannabis social media.